Police Check

What is a Police Check? 

A police check (aka police clearance certificate, criminal record card) is an official document granted by an approved agency of the Justice Department to assess 

  1. Whether the concerned individual commits a criminal offence
  2. Whether the concerned individual is presently prohibited from establishing, managing or holding a position in the business that has been declared bankrupt by the court.

Overseas workers who are residing or have resided in Vietnam and want to apply for a Vietnam work permit are requested to acquire a police clearance certificate

person holding pen and filling out application form

Types of Police Check in Vietnam

The Police Check No. 1 is issued to: 

– Vietnamese citizens or foreigners who resided or are residing in Vietnam and aim to obtain a Criminal Record for working purposes: apply for new employment, a work permit, etc.

– State agencies, political and socio-political enterprises might require the issuance of judicial record cards to perform the personnel management, company registration, formation and management of firms or cooperatives. 

The Police Check No. 2 is issued to:

– Procedure-conducting authorities can require the issuance of judicial record cards to assist with prosecution, investigation and adjudication work, as well as at the request of individuals who desire to know their judicial records.

What are the Police Check Certificate Requirements?

– An application form for criminal record certificates

– A certificated copy of valid passport and visa

– A certificate copy of the temporary residence registration certificate

How long does a Vietnam Police Check take to process? 

The processing time of a police clearance certificate ranges from 10 to 21 days since receipt of full required documents.

person holding pen and filling out application form

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