Work Permit

Expatriates who wish to work in Vietnam permanently for a Vietnamese business/individual or a company with foreign investment are required to obtain a work permit, apart from individuals subject to work permit exemption.

How long is a work permit valid for?

The validity period of a Vietnam work permit is equivalent to the duration of the labour contract to be signed as long as the period is shorter than 2 years and it can only be extended/renewed once for another two-year term under the new regulations of the New Labor Code. If a foreign worker wants to continue working for the current Vietnamese employer after the extended work permit expires, they must apply for a Vietnam new work permit.

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What are the Work Permit Requirements?

  • Certified copy of passport.
  • The criminal record which is issued by the competent authority from the applicant’s country of origin. If the foreign worker is a lawful resident in Vietnam, only the criminal record issued by the Vietnamese competent authority is demanded. 
  • The written request for the permit application made by the employer
  • The medical certificate that is issued by the Vietnamese or foreign approved health institutions
  • Notarized copies of academic qualifications such as Bachelor/Master/PhD’s certificate or any other certificates on qualifications granted under the existing law of the country of origin of the applicant. 
  • A letter affirming past working experience of the applicant in foreign countries.  
  • 2 photos that were taken recently
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Processing time

The length of the application process is estimated to take around 1-2 months

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