What is a visa extension?

A visa extension entitles the holder to prolong their current stay in Vietnam with the purpose of investment, business, working, travelling, family visits or others without leaving the country. 

What is a visa renewal?

Visa renewal is similar to visa extension in that it permits foreigners to lengthen their stay in Vietnam without having to leave the country. 

If you renew your visa, however, you will be granted a new visa stamp and visa sticker on the passport with the new duration permission. As a result, the fee of visa renewal service is higher compared to visa extension as you have to pay stamping and visa ticker fees.

Vietnam Visa Extension Duration

The visa extension length relies on the nationality, current visa type, name of the port of entry and applicant’s needs. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact our team to have your case examined. 

*Important notes: 

To avoid being charged the penalty fee of overstaying, the applicant’s visa must be extended or renewed before the expiry date. The Vietnam visa extension should be applied from 5 to 7 days before the visa expiration date. It normally takes around 7 working days to accomplish the procedure

Key Requirements

Applicant passport must meet the following requirements in order to extend or renew Vietnam visa:

● Be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of extension/renewal

● Has at least 2 blank pages for visa stamp

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