Visa Services for Vietnamese

We offer a range of visa solutions for Vietnamese including: – Overseas Business Visa: visa for individuals traveling to a foreign country temporarily to engage in business activities such as litigation, the negotiation of contracts, consultation with business associates, and participation in educational, conferences or seminars.  – Worldwide Travel Visa: short stay visa that enables […]

Company Formation

Foreign investors can expand their market and operate a business in Vietnam by establishing their business presence in the forms of a joint-stock company (JSC), a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a representative office (RO) and a branch office (BO). Selecting an appropriate company form depends on various factors involving the number of investors, capital contribution, […]

Police Check

What is a Police Check?  A police check (aka police clearance certificate, criminal record card) is an official document granted by an approved agency of the Justice Department to assess  Whether the concerned individual commits a criminal offence Whether the concerned individual is presently prohibited from establishing, managing or holding a position in the business […]

Temporary Residence Card

Who is eligible for a Vietnam Temporary Residence Card? Holders of a valid Work Permit Members of the Board/Directors of a Joint-Stock company Founders of the one member limited liability organization  Professional, students and trainees who participate in the national working or studying programs Relatives of the temporary residence card holder involve spouse, parents and […]

Work Permit

Expatriates who wish to work in Vietnam permanently for a Vietnamese business/individual or a company with foreign investment are required to obtain a work permit, apart from individuals subject to work permit exemption. How long is a work permit valid for? The validity period of a Vietnam work permit is equivalent to the duration of […]

Visa extension and renewal

Vietnam visa extension stamp on a passport

What is a visa extension? A visa extension entitles the holder to prolong their current stay in Vietnam with the purpose of investment, business, working, travelling, family visits or others without leaving the country.  What is a visa renewal? Visa renewal is similar to visa extension in that it permits foreigners to lengthen their stay […]

Tourist visa

What is a tourist visa? A visitor visa enables holders to enter Vietnam for tourism purposes. It is however not intended for tourists who wish to work throughout their stay in Vietnam. In general, a visitor visa is issued with validity from 15 days to 3 months. The visa can be extended once you arrive […]

Business visa

What is a Business Visa? A business visa allows holders to enter Vietnam for business purposes. People with a business visa are also permitted to take a leisure trip during their stay in Vietnam. The business visa is classified into two categories ●      DN1 Visa: to be issued to foreigners who work with […]

5 year visa

What is a visa exemption? A 5-year visa exemption is eligible for Vietnamese expatriates or foreign passport holders whose parents or spouses are either of Vietnamese origin or Vietnamese citizens. The visa is granted to people entering Vietnam for family visits and settlement of personal business. A visa exemption certificate shall be valid for up […]

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